Stone Carpet

Several years after the original “Woodland Spaces” project, a deck was built outside a second floor home office space. It projected outward to the land, further connecting the house to the woodland spaces outside. However, because of the steep slope there was a problem with soil and bark mulch washing onto the deck from the rain, wind and wild animals. For the same reasons there was also an ongoing problem with getting plants to grow on the abrupt earthen hillside.

The design involved building multiple retaining walls around and beyond the existing deck, and covering the entire surface of the ground with stone. This more strongly defined the deck area and created an exciting movement in the stonework around it.

Some on-site experimentation was done with various types of stones available at the local stone yard, and a patterning emerged that soon become very alive. The thinner sides of the stones fit nicely together and made lines that followed a delightful undulating pattern that echoed the topography of the land. The affect is striking, and adds a wonderful texture to the ground plane. The texture slowly transitions to rounder stones as it meets a water feature above built in a previous design phase.

Landscape Architect: Brian Higley
Landscape Contractor: Maple Leaf Associates, Mahopac, NY
Deck built by: Peter Geyer
Photos by: Brian Higley