Beacon Home

Interesting spaces, color and a complete sense of privacy were the goals in the design of the small Beacon property, all within the context of a very low maintenance planting. The blue fences project out from the blue clapboards of the house, embracing the plantings and unifying the house with the landscape.

Originally, the house was completely open to the neighboring houses and especially close to a residence behind. In a deliberate gesture, almost half the square-footage of the outdoor space was used to gain privacy and intimate spaces. The results make the property seem more rather than less by providing a feeling of refuge and well-being, which in turn makes for a more delightful place to live our lives. This adds a very real value to any property.

Landscape Architect: Brian Higley
Primary Consultant: Meg Rasmussen
Built by: Brian Higley, Meg Rasmussen, Maple Leaf associates