Garrison Pool

This serene woodland property in Garrison was the site of an older house with a chicken coop at the far end. The owners wanted to update the house and add a pool, using the former chicken lodge as the framework for a new pool house.

The entire site was re-graded as part of this project to make the pool fit naturally into the contours of the property, while preserving critical positive drainage throughout the site. Within the usual constraints of code requirements and setbacks, the pool was oriented and shaped to integrate thoughtfully with the chicken coop and views around. The location preserves existing large trees, and helps it to be unobtrusive from the house.

The code required pool fence was handled with varying degrees of opacity in mind, depending on the situations at any given point. Neighbors were screened with a solid wood wall at one end of the patio, but open wire frames allowed views into the woods at other points. The western wood wall blocks sound from a nearby busy road, but allows views over it from the higher elevation of the patio, all while meeting the stringent requirements for a pool fence. Plantings also soften and support the various functions of the fencing.

Landscape Architect: Brian Higley
Landscape contractor: Ivy League Plantscapes, Inc.,
Cortlandt Manor, NY
Pool house/chicken coop renovation: River Architects,
Cold Spring, NY
Main house renovation: River Architects, Cold Spring, NY