MM Residence

This Manhattan artist’s getaway, and now working studio, has undergone two major phases. The original phase was the construction of a house in the woods. The landscape design used a minimalist approach that incorporated Gabion walls (stones inside wire baskets) to define pathways and spaces outside the building. The objectives were mostly related to providing functional spaces that were sympathetic with the woodland character of the site.

In 2012 a new studio was added to give a striking new affect to the landscape. A hillside was cleared and large boulders were arranged for viewing from inside the house. Much of the work was influenced by the artist and her husband as the project was being built, so the landscape takes on a truly unique feel that reflects a perspective with no preconceptions about landscape materials. My role in this phase was limited to a large boulder arrangement outside the studio, stone walls, subtle grading changes, and a large parking area, among various other consultations.

Original phase 2001-02
Landscape Architect: Brian Higley
“Sunset Chair” by: Mike Ballou
Architect: Stan Allen Architect
Photos by: Tom DiMauro and Brian Higley

Studio addition phase 2012-2015
Landscape Architect: Brian Higley (Among others) (Specifically boulder placement and lower parking area)

Landscape Plantings, and project oversight by: Bill Miller
Pots and planter arrangements by: Marilyn Minter
Fountain - a collaboration by: Marilyn Minter, Matt Stone & Gian Carlo Valle
Landscape contractors: Maple Leaf Associates, Nate Lyons (among others)
Builder: Peter Bonsteel
Architect: Stan Allen Architect