Hilltop Modern

This newly built modern home sits at the edge of the woods on a sloping hillside. The front is open and sunny with views to the Hudson Highlands, and the back is a typical rocky New York forest, providing two distinctly different experiences.

The front leads one out to a covered patio area surrounded by grasses and looking to the mountains. Stone walls, grasses and gracious steps cascade down to the open lawn/field below.

A drainage swale was created just outside the house windows, bringing the ledges right up to the facade of the building. Sensitively built with site-gathered stones, it guides water beautifully around the structure. Trees were preserved as much as possible and also bring the feeling of the woodland as close as possible to the house. A simple walkway/bridge leads one out of the living room, over a dry stream bed, and into the wild.

Landscape Architect:
Brian Higley - Landscape Architect
Landscape Contractor:
Maple Leaf Associates, Mahopac, NY
House architect:
Robert Rhodes Associates Architects, NYC
Photos by: Tom DiMauro and Brian Higley