Master Plan/Site Planning Services: A Visual Guide

This is a condensed graphic explanation of what I consider a constantly evolving process. It is an overview that attempts to outline the general process of executing a project.

Design Phase:

  1. Survey of Existing Conditions
  2. Site Analysis Plan
  3. Concept Plan
  4. Proposed Plan
  5. Additional Descriptive Drawings

Construction Documents

  1. Detailed Plans
  2. Details and Specifications
  3. Bidding

Construction Phase:

  1. Construction and Project Administration

I can work with clients or architects who are interested in building unique projects with a high degree of integration between landscape and architecture, by going beyond basic site planning and providing a more in depth means to a unified overall design.

Whether working with new construction or existing situations, I use my unique skills as a landscape architect to conduct a thorough study of a property, fitted to the client's needs. This leads to a finished product that responds not merely to an existing site, but to the full potential of a site, reducing dramatically the cost or regret associated with not having considered the site fully before buildings and infrastructure are designed and installed.

Beyond a site analysis, I go further to work out a concept and a schematic master plan for the site. In the end the client is left with a comprehensive vision for a well designed and integrated overall plan that they can implement as time and budgets allow.

When phases of a project are implemented, I can also assist the client in the selection of an appropriate architect and/or landscape contractor who is sympathetic to the overall vision. I also collaborate with architects interested in working together to achieve this unique goal.