Pond Pavilion

Some three hundred feet down through the woods from the “outdoor rooms” project, there was a small quiet pond. Besides being far from the house, the lawn around the pond was extremely hot and sunny with no nearby shade or shelter if it rained. So the clients asked for a place where they could hang out that was shaded, dry, and could provide a small amount of discreet storage.

Locally harvested White Cedar and other woods were used to achieve a simple yet elegant building. The steps provide seating and keep the pavilion off the ground for a slightly lighter feel. It was situated for optimal shade and views to the pond, as well as to fit discreetly into the natural edge of the pond clearing. The roof extends beyond a back wall to hide a small covered area for storage behind. A small apple orchard was also planted near the pond. All of the materials for this building had to be carried through the woods by hand as there was no vehicle access to the water.

Landscape Architect: Brian Higley
Builder: Brian Higley
Landscape Contractor: Maple Leaf Associates, Mahopac, NY
Photos by: Robert Rodriguez Jr. and Brian Higley