Jersey Lakeside

These very fun clients bought a very cool mid-century Modern house they loved on a small New Jersey Lake. They shared their escape house with a much-loved canine who was sometimes known to be a rather sneaky escape artist herself, so part of the design was devising a system for letting out the pup into various levels of worry free and escape proof freedom. Several aspects of the house as originally built also made it difficult to get to the water on the lake side.

The solution was a playful series of modernistic fences and gates, along with retaining walls and a large gracious staircase leading down to the water from an upper deck off the kitchen. The plantings and fences supported varying needs for privacy screening and transparency; they defined and connected smaller individual spaces around the house, and added interest and intrigue to the experience of this small lakefront plot. At the lower level of the lake the yard was improved with a covered sitting area under the deck which formerly served as surplus storage.

Landscape Architect: Brian Higley
Landscape Contractor: Maple Leaf Associates, Mahopac, NY
Photos by: Michelle Gervais & Brian Higley