Construction Documents



The Landscape architect may assist the client in finding contractors to bid on and build their project.

Select contractor(s) to price the work

If the client is not in the public sector and knows of a contractor they feel comfortable with, bidding is not necessary.  They should feel free to get a price from that contractor.

Call for Contractor Bid(s)

Bids from two to three reputable contractors is recommended. The construction documents are submitted to contractors for pricing. Unless the client is an entity with restrictions, they may choose whomever they wish regardless of who is lowest bidder. The bidders should not bid unless they have personally seen the project area and reviewed the plans on the actual site.


After visiting a site and reviewing plans, contractors may point out certain unforeseen conditions that may change the necessary scope of work.  In such cases it may be necessary to inform other bidding contractors so that their price reflects the same amount of work (compare apples to apples).

Re-evaluate bids if necessary

If the bid(s) come in substantially over the projected costs, there are several options:

  • The client can negotiate for a better price on a particular bid.
  • Bids may be sought out from additional contractors.
  • The design plans can be analyzed and reworked to reduce costs.
  • The project can be phased over time.

Select a Contractor

A contract is signed by the Client with the contractor of their choice. 

Note:  In addition to the time it takes to complete the previous processes, finding available contractors and getting complete and accurate pricing can take weeks or even months before a contract is signed or work begins. It is best to plan projects as far in advance as is possible.